As a young Christian, I treated history as “His Story” because I was introduced to a biblical worldview after college. After teaching history as a home educator, I’ve understood how the sinful nature of man has altered courses and truly the scripture: Psalm 115:16 The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s;
But the earth He has given to the children of men,
means so much more. We are responsible for the events of history. God gave this world to us to steward. He delegated its care to us through Adam and Eve. When an ancient people group asked for a king, he warned them, but ultimately they were the ones that had the authority to decide how to govern their life on earth. So he gave them a king.


This is not to say that God sits in heaven with his hands tied. It is God that has initiated relationship with us. The engrafted word of God, the Bible, was God’s voice spoken into the spirits of fallible, but yielded men and women, who were called prophets until the apostles began to record their own God experiences. God released the Dominion Mandate in Genesis 3, through which Adam and Eve knew their “calling”. Even after they sinned, God was ready with the consequences of their turning. However, there were not only consequences, God gave them his redemptive solution which would not only restore his original intent, but amazingly enough, be better than his original intent. Imagine that!

God restoration is more than a quick fix. God redeemed individuals have been given the authority and power to undo, to rebuild, and to establish a kingdom that transcends human understanding. While some ask for kings and debate over candidates, God is waiting for His people to become the problem solvers, the peacemakers, the healers and the mountain movers. The earth awaits. The Bible says that all creation waits for the coming forth, the manifestation, the revealing of the sons of God. This is a redemptive calling. God spoke and creation happened. We get what we ask for. Are you asking for a king or hoping in the King of Kings?