Value of Believing

Have you ever struggled with trusting God’s heart while you are going through adversity?  If yes, you are in good company.  Your faith in God gets tested when your are in tough circumstances.  We are going to talk about the what to do when your faith is tested.” John 6:28-29 reads: “Then they said to … More Value of Believing

The Christmas Child

The Christmas Child Do you remember when anticipation would creep under your skin as December drew near?  The atmosphere of your home may have been full of secrets and giggles as family members wrote their gift lists and parents tried hard to find new hiding places. Perhaps you were a child that longed for that … More The Christmas Child

God’s Radical Forgiveness Despite Your Mess

Understanding the forgiveness of God is crucial to developing our relationship with him as a son or daughter.  For example, if you believe that someone is angry with you or holding something against you, you feel awkward around that person.  You walk on egg shells.  Eventually you may get angry that the person seems to … More God’s Radical Forgiveness Despite Your Mess